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About Us

OLMO was founded in 1940 in the Milan area as a manufacturer of motors for commercial refrigeration.


In the early'90s the OLMO brand was globally recognized.

In the late 1990 the EFC Group purchased OLMO, in the years leading up to this takeover OLMO had an impressive range of motors, fan and blowers and an enviable reputation for product quality.


In the 2020 the brand has been relaunched on the international market by the Colombo family with the introduction of new generation motors.

To get ahead of the times

Our History

"The Colombo family has been producing and developing electric and electronic motors for the Italian and International markets for over three generations. Our business is a family business. In the 90s I believed and sponsored the first investment on an electronic motor (EC motor energy saving) considering that this type of technology could be revolutionary compared to the old shaded pole motors. Since then, this solution has caught on among the customers and has revolutionized the market.
The relaunch of OLMO is our new challenge. We are making big investments in the R&D field. This will allow us to put on the market new and innovative solutions that our customers will certainly appreciate. Our idea to abandon the production of our old shaded pole motors, originates from here. The investments will be needed to keep in step with the times or even to get ahead of them.."

Shaded pole motors are now only history

Our Vision

Today, many commercial refrigeration applications still use shaded pole motors, which consume a lot of energy, have low efficiency and high environmental impact.
OLMO made a strategic decision to help the market switch into the new electronic motors abandoning the production of the obsoleted generation product in order to obtain the following results:
1) Achieve efficiency up to 70% with lower energy consumption. The investment in electronic motors is recovered in 6 months of use, thanks to less energy consumption and heat released in the enviroment;
2) Bring benefits to the environment. Electronic motors significantly reduce the production of CO2.
3) Help the customer to achieve the energy standards necessary to complay with European regulations.
4) Find innovative solutions working on intelligent control for speed variation, locked-rotor and overload protection.


The best solution for commercial refrigeration

Our Mission

Our engineers are engaged every day to study, design and test new solutions to make our products more and more eco-friendly, with better performance and reduced CO2 emission.


OLMO's goal is to always be one step ahead of the market needs in order to better satisfy our customers, working in an innovative way to ensure energy savings of 70% compared to old solutions still in the market.