OLMO can help OEMs and supermarket chains reduce energy usage, and have more efficient and quiet applications, offering long life and smart features.
A typical supermarket has roughtly 400 evaporator fan motors in refrigerators and cabinets which run 100% of the time, even when the store is closed.
The efficiency of the shaded pole motors usually used for this application is 15-20%.
The use of EC motors, with an efficiency up to 70%, reduce power by over to thirds.
Payback is 6 months.

Lower energy consumption

EC072 VS Shaded Pole Motors

Achieve efficiency up to 70% with lower energy consumption. The investment in electronic motors is recovered in 6 months of use, thanks to less energy consumption and heat released in the enviroment. For almost all equipment types in both the residential and commercial sectors, the market is transitioning to permanent magnet motor technology for the highest-efficiency models within each category. Permanent magnet motors are becoming increasingly cost-effective based purely on simple payback period. They also offer other non-energy benefits such as reduced noise and the ability to reach higher rotational speeds. Variable speed drives are also becoming a cost-effective way to reduce motor-driven system and component energy consumption in variable-load applications.

Bring benefits to the environment

HFC Consumption Reduction

The 2014 F-Gas Regulation has introduced new rules to reduce the HFC consumption about 80% within the 2030.

This HFC reduction on the market, is made step by step with the assignment of quotas to the HFC producers & importers and with the introduction of prohibitions for the refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

As results, the F-Gas Regulation will obtain, for the HVAC&R industry, the HFC (with high GWP) gradual elimination and a gradual diffusion of refrigerants with law GWP or null, for example natural refrigerant as CO2, hydrocarbons and HFO.

Ecodesign & Energy Labelling

New regulations

From the 1st March 2020 the Ecodesign and Energy Labeling has been in force for commercial refrigeration applications sold on the market for the fresh and frozen foods.

For the Ecodesign Lot 12 market sector, applicable for refrigerated counters, plug-in refrigeration applications, ice-cream storage fridges, cold drinks dispensers, the new labeling system & Ecodesign has been introduce limits in energy efficiency for sales of this kind of products.

The information on the label needs to be accurate and obtained after reliable measurements, accurate and reproducible, made with recognized methods.

With this new label the final consumer will be able to choose the applications with less energy consumption and purchase products more ecofriendly and efficient: this is the real driver of this innovation.

The labeling will push the producers to introduce on the market models more and more efficient.

The innovations introduced by the Ecodesign and Energy Labeling are an important input to have a more green commercial refrigeration sector.